Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good thoughts on media and Twitter. Even better response to Dowd

Great comeback to Maureen Dowd's moronic assault on Twitter. Unfortunatly, he could give an education to many of America's ad executives. It's not that folks don't care about it. Clients are asking. And agency types are formulating responses. Unfortunately, much of it negative. "Why would anyone care what you're having for lunch?"

Geoff hits the nail on the head we he says it's a new media that people have the possibility to do whatever they want with it. Maybe Maureen is just angry cause her media is evolving, withering.

I'm a fan of Marshall McLuhan and a point he makes is that different media create different perceptions of the communicator and also have different effects on individuals and societies. One example he used was once a person gets in a car, to another driver the person has become a car (yes, he belived a car was media). Remember saying, "that car just cut me off."

OK. I'll get to the point. It's just that Twitter isn't just a new version of a ballpoint pen or a typewriter - it's a new way of relating to one another that's not fully understand. The telephone bent time and space. Twitter is fracturing social boundaries, creating conversations and distributing information in a giant global conversation.

Don't believe me. Spend some time with it. Really spend some time with it.

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