Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TV is still King of all media?

There's been a lot of debate around the office regarding the role of television in our lives as professionals and our relationship with it as private citizens. This same discussion is happening, in the industry rags, blogs and even Twitter.

Arguments usually go one or two ways:
Nielsen says numbers have never been stronger. All this about the death of TV is a bunch of hooey.


I never watch TV anymore and my kids don't watch it either. They're too busy on Facebook to even pay attention to it.

I think both of these arguments are too simplistic.

As a society our relationship with television has changed. Just a few years ago, my wife had appointment TV viewing with friends coming over to watch Six Feet Under. Life is more complicated now with kids and me to contend with. Fortunately she can now watch everything on the DVR or her iPhone. And she does. My kids don't even understand that TV shows are only broadcast at specific times. "Dora isn't on now" doesn't compute.

My role at the agency is primarily as a copywriter. My job is to create communication based on the brief first. Then to think about adding value to the equation. Frankly, I find myself looking to new ways to communicate a message whenever I can. Because in today's fractured environment you never know which communication is going to stick.

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